Thursday, September 15, 2016

Life is also Delicious

Delicious is defined as "pleasing to the senses". It always seems to be linked to life's great foods but I believe it goes beyond the palate.  The idea of Sharing Delicious came out of my passion for hosting, cooking and celebrating with the people I love. It was a great place to start.  I had a focus and I could go from there.  It also seemed like the right direction because food and recipe blogs are VERY popular these days.  Great.  I went for it but then I started to notice that I was feeling disconnected from cooking... Maybe I was just so saturated by food media that I didn't need to express my creativity in that area?  I started to question this blog and why I was writing it and most importantly why I was NOT writing it.  A blog I follow,, recently posted about changing her blog and refocusing her energy in order to write about the world outside of food and the "healthy lifestyle" blog.  My brain went *ding *ding *ding!  Life is delicious beyond what we eat.  The word is also defined as "very pleasing and delightful".
I think this new idea will not only help with my blog but help with my life as I seek ways to nurture my mind, my body and my relationships. I want to honor all of these things more fully!  I want to give of myself and my time AS WELL as my cakes and cookies.  Sometimes the gift of time far outweighs the gift of treats.  I find that I am seeking that from my relationships and I want to be there to give it right back. 

Another reason for a blog shift is the big move!  I am moving off of this rock we call Nantucket and making my way back (I wrote bake instead of back...Freudian slip?) to Kansas City with my husband and my pup.  We are headed for a new adventure and we are ready to make some positive changes in our lives!  I look forward to sharing these discoveries on this blog because all of life is delicious.

So there will be some recipes but there will also be some small celebrations of life's other delicious elements.  I hope this blog will inspire you to celebrate your lives as I hope it will do the same for me.